Sunday, December 11, 2005


Lapin and his Jew-hating friends at Toward Tradition have two main line of attack: (1) Reform/Secular Jews are to be disdained because they've abandoned their traditions. (2) Evangelical Christians are to be admired because they know the value of tradition.

So I suppose the good Rabbi (who surely knows that even the most liberal Temples are full on Yom Kippur) suffered a bad case of whiplash when his eyes passed over this article from Friday's Times: When Christmas Falls on Sunday, Megachurches Take the Day Off

Very best bit
"This attachment to a particular day on the calendar is just not something that megachurches have been known for," Nancy Ammerman, a sociologist of religion at Boston University, said. "They're known for being flexible and creative, and not for taking these traditions, seasons, dates and symbols really seriously."
Oopsie. Looks like the tradition-abandoning evangelicals have more in common with Reform Jews that they do with Rabbi Lapin.