Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ye Gods User Test: The Orthodoxy  Test.

And I swear I answered the questions honestly (the ones I included anyway)

One quibble: Some of the questions aren't opinion questions, but questions of fact.

Example 1

Midrashim should be taken to be pshat

1 always
2 almost always
3 when it's reasonable to do so
4 occasionally, but not usually
5 almost never
6 Leave this question out of my results

Anyone who answers this with: (1) always or (2) almost always is not (a) cheredi, or (b) yeshivish, but (c) too stupid to live. (and yes, I have met such people.)

Example 2:

1 work, and are very important
2 might work, so why not try them probably dont work, but whats the harm
3 definitely dont work
4 are mostly avoda zara
5 Leave this question out of my results

Sorry, but if you think segulahs work you aren't RW or LW but PFS (pretty ***ing stupid)

Tip of the plain black srugy: OrthoMom, the lefty [It would be interesting to see why she is more left than I. OM - want to compare answers?]

Update: OM is not to my left. She is left-wing yeshivish, and I am right-wing MO. Also she is a woman with four kids, and I am a blogger with cruel yet handsome eyes.

Still, I'd like to compare answers.