Thursday, December 15, 2005


Two posts down I argue that the Christian right (and their close friend Toby Katz) are lousy hypocrites for causing an annual commotion about how WalMart decorates for Christmas, when, at the same time, WalMart is responsible for the spread of much human suffering. (A commenter added that WalMart does not act in accordance with the Noachide laws, a fact that should give pause to religious Jews. )

I didn't want to dilute the original argument, but I could have gone much farther. For a long time I've been struggling to reconcile the Religious right's obsession with sexual morality with their lack of concern about torture.

I mean look at George Bush. Here we have a person who swore he was moral -more moral than Clinton the tryster, anyway - yet he expends so much of his time and capital fighting McCain's anti-torture bill, a bill that passed 90-9 in the Senate. Why is concensual sex between two adults so much worse than what went on in Abu Grib, for example?