Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Oh my, oh my, internal strife at the house of cross:

Toby Katz: Tookie — goodbye and good riddance: ....the US government sentenced him to death but then gave him 24 extra years of life before carrying out the sentence—which is 24 more years than he gave his victims.... Bottom line, the Torah considers the death penalty to be the just punishment for murder... to claim that somehow the death penalty is not “just” is simply not consistent with the Torah’s teachings... The Talmud says it: “Those who are merciful when they should be cruel will be cruel when they should be merciful.”

Yitzchok Adlerstein: Tookie should not have been executed...his conviction was also a breach of the law – the expectations of our Torah... We should not be cheering for something the Torah does not endorse.

Ouch. Snap.

Tip of the hat to Mar Gavriel