Thursday, December 15, 2005


All praise Meryl Yourish:
I disagree that Jews would act exactly like palestinians if the situations were reversed.

Where were all the Jewish terrorists during the centuries of pogroms and oppression in Europe? Where were the Jewish terrorists while Jews were being 'humiliated' in Arab lands, having to wear distinct clothing, bowing and scraping to Muslims, doing all the other things required of Dhimmis?

Where were the Jewish terrorists blowing up German schoolchildren during the 1930s, when Hitler started coming to power? Or in Poland, or Austria?

Jewish culture is not steeped in the kind of hatred that permeates the Arab/Muslim world so much that when the president of Iran denies the Holocaust, the Arab/Muslim world remains silent--because it agrees with him.

That is total crap, saying that Jews would behave the same way.

We've been oppressed. We don't have a legacy of terror and blood. Ben-Gurion put a stop to it when Israel was born.

I'm still waiting to hear a leading palestinian politician say that a suicide bombing is wrong because it is wrong, not because it is 'against palestinian interests.'

That's what's wrong with Spielberg's position. It's **. Jews have been there, and we didn't turn into terrorists.
Nice argument Meryl, though I suspect some in the readership might not fully agree.

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