Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cheney to Poor and Elderly: Merry Christmas Losers!

Earlier today, the Senate approved a package of $39.7 billion in spending cuts to programs that benefit the elderly and poor, with Vice President Dick Cheney casting the tie-breaking vote. Money quote :
"This bill targets Americans with the greatest needs and the fewest resources," said Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who is the Senate minority leader.
Sure, the legislation trims just three-tenths of 1 percent from federal spending over the next five years and yes, yes, it will be completely negated by the next round of Republican-backed tax cuts for the wealthy ($70 billion in additional tax are on the agenda for January 2006), But never mind. Poor people got screwed, so I guess the deficit-cutters in the GOP (God's Official Party) can say dayenu.

Update: Fun Fact #1 - The bill delivers $2.6 billion in new tax breaks for oil companies. Oil companies!!

Fun fact # 2 - Contraception and other family planning services are provided as a matter of course under Medicaid. The bill cuts Medicaid, meaning less contraception and, therefore, more abrotion. Well done God-fearing Republican senators!

Fun fact #3 - The bill cuts over $12.7 billion from student loan programs, resulting in higher payments for 472,000 New Yorkers today. Bad news junior lawyers! Looks like you got screwed, too!