Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Orthodox Jewish conservatives are stoooopid

I didn't say it. He did.

Well, what he actually said was:
With liberalism the dominant ideology in the news and entertainment media, it is virtually inescapable to any American who doesn't go to great lengths to insulate himself from it. Big-city liberals, by contrast, can easily filter out conservative ideas, and thus need contend only with their own prejudices. Thus conservatives are smarter than liberals--not necessarily in terms of native intelligence, but of understanding the world around them.
Among Orthodox Jews knee-jerk, reactionary, black-helicopter-conservatism is the dominant ideology, so, according to the WSJ, CWY, Naphtuli, and all the other OJ conservatives are morons, whereas me and the liberals are the ones who developed a better understanding of the world, etc.

Though the WSJ is wrong about everything liberalism being the dominant ideology in the news and entertainment media (See: Fox, Rupert) it is certainly true that members of minority need to be nimble. A liberal like me needs debating skills if he's going to make it through Torah Reading in the typical shteeble. All the average conservative thinker needs to do is nod his head in agreement while the Alpha conservative (usually a fat, selfish lawyer who is quick on his feet) recycles the nonsense (and non-nonsense) he's heard his whole life.

I, on the other hand, actually have to think and argue.

Tip of the overly large brain