Thursday, December 15, 2005


Got an email the other day saying that fat, anti-Semite Bill Donahue was calling for a boycott of Walmart.

"Ye Gods," said the happy voice inside my head, "Has fat, anti-Semite Bill Donohue finally done something sensible? Is he finally paying attention to his own religion and the teachings of his own savior? Is he leading a noble protest against WalMart's wage practices? Against the stores reliance on sweatshops? Against their refusal to provide good benefits? Against their anti-union, anti-labor fanatasicm?"

Alas, I had it wrong. Catholics, you see, were not asked to boycott WalMart because the company contributes to human misery. They were asked to boycott WalMart because the company is insuffeciently respectful of Christmas. Too much Kwanza in their stores, you see, and not enough tinsel.

And the really bad news is that fat, anti-Semite Bill Donahue won. WalMart caved. Which ought to make you wonder what an unscrupulous demagouge like fat, anti-Semite Bill Donahue could get done if he would only put his powers to good use.