Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Brian Williams: This [above] says you're in a bubble. You have a very small circle of advisors now. Is that true? Do you feel in a bubble?

President Bush: No, I don't feel in a bubble... I feel like I'm getting really good advice from very capable people and that people from all walks of life have informed me and informed those who advise me... This is the first time I'm seeing this magazine. [DB: Ummm... because you're in a bubble?]

[Five seconds later]

President Bush: Good thing about mom is, like you said, if I'm in a bubble, well if there is such thing as a bubble, she's the one who can penetrate it.

Williams: I'll tell the guys at Newsweek.

President Bush: ...Is that who put the bubble story? [DB: DOH! Nice short-term memory Mr. President.]

Williams: Moors!


Williams: MOORS!

Last word to Mo Dowd:
The idea that W. is getting good advice from very capable people is silly - administration officials have blown it on everything from the occupation and natural disasters to torture. In the bubble, they can torture while saying they don't. They can pretend that Iraqi forces are stronger than they are. They can try to frighten people with talk of Al Qaeda's dream of a new Islamic caliphate - their latest attempt to scare Americans into supporting the war they ginned up.