Monday, December 20, 2004


Throughout the world, the holiday season is greeted by joyful music that brightens hearts and evokes wonderful memories. This year’s theme brings to the White House the magic of holiday songs that have been favorites for generations of Americans. ---

Holiday songs? Holiday season? In Karl Rove's America?

We are appalled. Steak-eating American Conservatives patriots like me know that the word "holiday" is verbotem. It's Christmas or nothing. The Kabal of Konservative Kolumnists has decreed it.

So, how did Frenchmen, and their friends, the liberals, cynics, and/or atheists, manage to break into Our Leader's website, and change the wording to something godless and unnatural?

In the name of Prager, Krauthammer, Prelutsky, and, of course, the holy ghost Yehupitz, I hereby declare that whoever infiltrated Our Leader's website and posted that vile un-American message is an enemy of God and the State.

If we can find out who the French traitors are, I expect all right-thinking, Republican Americans will (1) defame their good names, (2) boycott their businesses, and (3) spit in their Cokes when you bring over their fast-food orders.