Wednesday, December 29, 2004


was your bonus?

I don't work on Wall Street, so for a year-end bonus I received the monetary equivlant of a bag of peanuts and some chochlate chips.

But I can tell from the IP adddresses that some of you work on Wall Street. So perhaps you are in a diiferent parsha:
Lloyd S. Blankfein, the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs made $20.1 million, of that only $600,000 was salary; and E. Stanley O'Neal, the chief executive of Merrill Lynch, received a bonus of $13.5 million and restricted stock worth $11.2 million on top of his $500,000 salary. At the other end of the compensation spectrum, an investment banking analyst right out of college would have made a $65,000 salary and a $35,000 bonus last year. An associate just out of business school might have made $85,000 in salary and a $115,000 bonus.
Man, greed is good.