Friday, December 17, 2004


Dennis Prager, writing at Town Hall, offers the facinating suggestion that "Those who [recognize an imaginary God, and] put up [Christmas] decorations make society better." How do they make society better? Well, um, by showing everybody that we like Christmas and that we really like Jesus. As Prager says, it's like giving your wife a birthday present, or flying the flag:
Ask your wife if she would feel equally loved and appreciated if you never gave her a card or gift on her birthday, your wedding anniversary or Mother's Day. After all, if you really believe that feelings need not be manifested in any formal, ritualistic way, why bother with a card or gift on her birthday? Presumably you love her just as much on that day as any other, so why engage in card waving?
Do I have this straight? If you don't put up Christmas decorations, Jesus won't know that you love him, and it will hurt his feelings, which hurts society. Even if you're Jewish (like Dennis says he is) and have believed for 2000 years that society has no use for Jesus?

One wonders if Dennis does his duty for society by putting up Christmas decorations, you know, to trick Jesus into thinking the Prager family loves him. That Jesus. He's so gullible.