Monday, December 27, 2004


Robert Novak, a born-Jew who converted in 1998 to the faith of William Donohue, had something stupid to say last week: "I was just kind of stunned at the end of his press conference, when President Bush, who is a believing Christian and a very sincere one, deeply religious man, said "happy holidays." Well, what's the happy holidays? Is it Fourth of July, or Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day? No, it's Christmas."

Um, did you forget Chanuka? Yes, you probably did. But what about New Years? Thanksgiving? Those are all holidays, aren't they? And we're in their season, aren't we?

And Bobby, though you've left Judaism behind, don't you remember how your great-grampa used to say gut yom tov or chag sameach [Translation: Happy holiday]

Did that stun you, too?