Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Dennis Prager, who recently urged all mankind, Jews and non-Jews alike, to deck their halls with lights and decorations, has joined my side, and gone insidious:

In defense of the 'commercialism' of Christmas
Spending one's money on presents for people is one of the nicest traditions in society and ought to be cultivated, not discouraged.... Christmas is greatly honored by all the gift keep many businesses alive, and most of all, you honor the holiday. It is incredible that all this is not obvious to everyone who cares about Christmas and about American society
Because if Jesus' life and ministry were about anything, they were about supporting local merchants.

Ah, that sneaky Jew. First, he lowers their guard, with a lot of Conservative clap-trap, then he moves in for the kill, urging us to turn the ultimate Christian feast into an orgy of commercialism. He's sucking the christ right out of Christmas, and I love it!