Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Israelis Compare Pullout Plan to Holocaust

Yay left-wing style demongaugury!

Now, I have a new joke: What do Israeli settlers, Palestenians, the far left side of European Union and Noam Chomsky all have in common.

They think Ariel Sharon is Hitler re-incarnated!

Ok it is not that funny, but why don't these mopes learn? The last time they made a show of suggesting an Israeli Prime minister had Hitlerian tendancies, he ended up dead.

Or is that the point?

Look, folks, I can understand that when you live on the Gaza Strip, you start to think that every nacht is Kristelnacht, but still, if The Incredibles taught us anything it was this: If everything is the holocuast, nothing is the holocaust.

Attention settlers: In the future please villify your enemies with more care.