Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Over at Town Hall most of the natives are playing the victim game. American Christians are the most mistreated people in the world -- or so you might guess from the tone of the columns currently appearing there. Apparently you can own the Presidency and Congress, and live where Christianity is the national religion, and still be under seige. Life sucks. Before you know it they'll be wearing orange stars, like Gaza settlers, I'll bet.

Suzanne Fields is an excpetion. She's writing about Jenna Bush's new job:
The first daughter rides to the rescue of fourth graders. That's good news, because they need all the help they can get. Jenna Bush can dress Texas-style in cowboy boots, belts and buckles, but it's what's under her Stetson that will make the difference
And what is under Jenna's Stetson? A bottle of Vodka, is my guess.

Question: if Jenna is the First Daughter, does that mean that her sister is out of the family? Do you think she was disowned for saying "Happy Holidays?"

Meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg, also from Town Hall, also refuses to sip the Kool-Aid:
Christians — or at least the politically organized ones — don’t do themselves any favors when they start talking like just another identity politics group. Christians seem to be complaining more this year than usual about the war on Christmas, even as they are finding more success. Arnold Schwarzenegger renamed the governor’s “holiday tree” a Christmas tree. George Bush is the first president ever to include a quote from scripture on his Christmas card. Besides, once “Merry Christmas” becomes a political statement, everyone loses.
Finally, a Jew at Town Hall with some sense!