Monday, December 27, 2004


Dave at IsreallyCool is trying to introduce an award for Jewish blogs

For reasons known only to himself, he's making a distinction between Israeli and Disapora blogs. Why? Isn't a Jewish blog, a Jewish blog?

What's gained by splitting the Jewish blogosphere in two? That's a dumb idea.

Though Dave invites you to comment on his site, this is impossible unless you go through the bother of registering. If this proves to be too much of hassle, make your comments here.

Dave reads me.

My choices for categories:
- Best Blog
- Best Writing
- Best Post
- Best Series: Sarah's shabatone, for example
- Best Single Issue Blog: Shtreimal is an example. His blog is about himself, nothing more, nothing less.
-Best Group Blog: A group blog like JewSchool should not be competing with a one man show.
- Most Humorous Blog
- Most Humorous Post
- Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: For the undiscovered gem
- Best Expert Blog: This is Simcha's category. No other's need apply.
- Best New Blog: Blogs would not be eligible for both this and the Wider Recognition Award
- Best Commenter: Steve Brizel would be my choice. There is no one more consistantly irritating.

UPDATE: He's changed the categories. Much better Dave!