Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Zman Biur, although Jewish, supports our fundamentalist Christian overlords, and would like to remind them that he has done his part to speed the rapture by moving to Israel.

Ok, that's a joke.

Actually, he wrote a non-stupid, (though long and boring) response to my recent Christmas blogging, in which he agrees with most all of my central points, and stops far short of planting a warm, wet kiss on Jesus's rump like Prager or Krauthammer might.

For example, ZB, writes:
Unlike Charles Krauthammer, I do not feel "enlarged" by the public celebration of Christmas. Unlike Dennis Prager, I feel no poorer in the absence of garish Christmas displays
Christianity is false and heretical. It is incompatible with Judaism - by definition
We have a right, and indeed a responsibility, to be skeptical towards them...
You have no obligation to forgive Christians for centuries of persecution
Sure he and I disagree on the nature of political Christianity. Like Sampsom Raphael Hirsch, who in the late 19th century though high German culture could guarantee his security, Biur’s forgotten the fable of the scorpion. He also makes some ignorant comments about the nature of political Liberalism, and forgets he believes that absolute values matter when he suggests dealing with the devil is a-ok if it's politically expediant.

But overall we aren't so far apart.

So why'd he take time out from his busy workday (and why does he always remind us he works for a living?) to answer me?


Update: Read the long article I pasted into his comment section. Then let's never speak of this subject again. Or until next year, anyway.