Tuesday, December 28, 2004


There isn't much I can say about the 50,000 plus who perished in South East Asia this week. It's been pointed out that this mabul [lit: the biblical flood] was more devestating than the original mabul. Do you imagine 50,000 people lost their life in that one?

I rather doubt it.

Also, I predict that the word of the week will be licentious, as in:

The people of South East Asia were licentious, thus the deluge

I hope that paragons of virtue like Bill "Slot Machine" Bennet, or William "Anal Sex" Donohue, or Bill "Falafel" O'Rielly are true to form, and among those blaming the victims.

Otherwise it might be a slow week for blogging.

UPDATE: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, is collecting mony for relief in South East Asia.You can read the article on their web site at http://www.jdc.org/news_press_122704.html, or you can just skip to the donation form at https://www.jdc.org/donation/jdc_form.cfm.