Thursday, December 16, 2004


In which I drop the Torah-true persona, along with my gloves.

Dear Yehupy:

I don't really want to go another round on this "Rabbi," but you leave me no choice.

You claim that you want to emphasize the "influence that media has on us." If so, I'm stumped. The raysha (first part) of the quote you insist we discuss is about video games and rap music. The sayfa (last part) is about state sponsored Christian celebrataions. Where does the influence of the media figure in? Let me make a few guesses:

Is it your point that video games and music "influence" us? Wow, that's deep. Thanks for bringing that to our attention via a quote from an evangelical's website.

Do you think it's ironic that secularists prefer GTA to "Merry Christmas?" Is that the profound thought you wanted to share? How stupid. Secularists don't demand that every home have a copy of GTA on the computer and a gangsta rap CD on the stero. You have nothing to fear from the secularists. They are making no demands upon you. These things you disdain are popular, not because of a "secularist" agenda. They are popular because people like them. If you disagree, thank god for America. No one is forcing you to bring it into your house.

Were you arguing that secularists believe these things are harmless? That's a strawman, your friend the preacher invented. Take me for example: I'm a liberal. I don't think GTA and gangsta rap are harmless. I don’t allow them in my home. But I also don't think it is any of my business if you disagree. GTA isn't for me, but if you like it that's your affair, and your choice, not mine.

I also am not afraid that "Merry Christmas" is going to make me into a self-rightuous hypcrite like Pat Robertson. That's another strawman, invented by your pal the preacher. Rather, I object to "Merry Christmas" because it reminds me that we are in golus, and that Christians for 2000 years has been our mortal enemy. Forgive me, but the thought of Jesus in the manger does not warm my heart and I don't think it's appropriate for the government to do anything to advance the cause of religion, especially a foolish and idolatrous faith such as Christianity. In short, I object to Christianity, not because it is "moral" and not because it is "illiberal" Rather, I object to Christianity because it is false.

Like many theocons (I hope that word doesn't confuse you. I know once before the word "neocon" gave you some trouble.) you seem to be a bit of a busybody. You don't trust freedom. It bothers you the people have choices. You want the government to be in charge and to make illegal, all the nasty games and songs you dislike. You appear to welcome government interference in our lives, especially when it is supporting religion. In fact, you're so enamored with the idea, it doesn't seem to matter to you which religion the government is sponsoring. Jesus in the manger? Merry Christmas? If it's religion, that's swell, even if it's a religion of lies, and only a frenchified liberal would oppose that.

And though it does pain me slightly that you don't think that I am an indeed a Torah True Jew, I've decided that the opinions of a "Rabbi" who takes mussar from evangelicals doesn't mean much to me.

With not even an iota of respect for you, I am