Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"...the Founding Fathers of America are greatly enshrined in dollar bills..."

Ahmad Al-Qloushi, of Foothill College, wrote an essay on the Constitution, and after reading it, his professor, allegedly, told Ahmed to go see a shrink. Mr. Al-Qloushi and his friends are using the incident to suggest that there is something rotton and dare we say it, anti-American, in academia. As Town Hall puts it: "The Foothill College Republicans are using this opportunity to make sure that intellectual diversity is respected on campus, by lobbying to have the “Academic Bill of Rights” as an official Foothill College policy."

The professor and the shrink, to my knowledge, have refused to comment, though the professor has filed a grievance.

Two things about the story that are funny, if not hysterical:

1 - Ahmad wrote a press release describing the suffering and mental anguish he endured at the hands of his nasty old commie professor in which Ahmed neglected to mention that he (Ahmed) is president of the Foothill College Republicans.

We're sure Ahmed was just being modest. Or iit was an oversight. Or "mistakes were made." Whatever. It's just a happy coincidence that the organization's president has become embroiled in a politically convinient case. Right? A credible and god-fearing organization like the College Republicans would never orchastrate an attention-seeking stunt. [snort]

2 - The essay itself is good for an inadvertant laugh or three. You can read it here. It's an amazing piece of work and I can't understand why the professor had problems with it.

It's exactly what I'd expect from a College Republican.