Wednesday, December 22, 2004


A few days ago, I went to my very first Tish. Here's my review:

Music: C
It was certainly loud, and energentic, but my tastes in Jewish music run here; not here.

Aethetics: F
The room was done in a style I could only call "no taste." There were peeling ceilings and worn-our rugs. The lighting was bad, and it was cold. Woman, obviously, aren't ever permitted in that clubhouse.

Drasha: A
Fast, and incomprehensible. My translator said it was ok, though.

Food: N/A
I don't eat food that's hand-delivered. Especially when the waiter picks his nose.

Overall: B
The whole experience was very catholic. When the presiding Rabbi entered, we rose and sung, much in the way a cardinal is welcomed into the cathedral for mass. We sang hymms, and ate an offering of kugel. Though we weren't asked to fall to our knees, and accept the instrument of Godly salvation on our tounges, the food was passed by hand, and the hasidim fought for a morsel as if they thought it offered the blessings of God himself

Perhaps if I'd permitted myself a taste, the whole carnival might have made some sense.