Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Out of Step Jew has been in Israel too long:
I have always agreed with the notion that we Jews (in the US and abroad) have more to fear from a post-Christian America than from a Christian America
First, his alarm, though quaint, is premature. Quoting Frank Rich: A poll found that 84 percent of American adults call themselves Christian, 82 percent see Jesus as the son of God, and 79 percent believe in the Virgin Birth. Though by a far slimmer margin, the presidential election reinstalled a chief executive who ostentatiously invokes a Christian Almighty.

Second, his alarm, though quaint, is stupid. OOSJ seems to think that if American Christianity disappears, the constitution will go with it. Is it American Christianity protecting our rights and privileges? Or is it the US Constitution? Moreover, have you ever met a mainstream American liberal or secularist who opposes the Constitution? Yet, American Christians inveigh against it all the time. No, friend. It isn’t American liberals you should fear.

But wait, there's still more alarmist nonsense:
It can even be argued that Nazi Germany was the first post-Christian European country.
Nazi Germany? The only thing separating the US from becoming just like Nazi Germany are the Christians? Has he gone mad?

Nazi Germany's Christians did nothing to prevent Hitler's rise. Catholics, in particular, were complicit in his ascension. Moreover, Christian Europe, weaned on the Passion story and 2000 years of anti-Jewish teachings, was perfectly receptive of his anti-Semitic policies. Hitler, and Nazi Germany’s anti-Semitism were not produced in a vacuum, nor did they emerge in secular environments.

I wouldn't argue that "Nazi Germany was the first post-Christian European country."

I would argue that Nazi Germany would have been impossible without Christianity having prepared the soil. I would argue that Nazi Germany is Christianity taken to one of its logical conclusions.

Aushwitz, please remember, was not a town in Saudi Arabia.

[Hat tip: Atlas, who agrees with me]