Wednesday, December 22, 2004


First a grilled cheese sandwich with Che Guevara on it sells for $28,000

Now Velvel is hawking a coffee cup with some foam on it that look like pre-Mexican war United States. Perhaps as proof of God's displeasure with the infidel blue states, Califonia is missing. Velvel is planning an e-bay auction.

We wish the boy luck, but doubt he'll be successful. The marks won't line up to buy food apparitions unless you attribute mystical significance to it.

So Velvel, here’s a back-story you’re free to use, with my blessings:

I was an unknown blogger, who professed a burning love for the United States, which was one day rewarded when the Lord Almighty made his spirit known to me through the miracle of the coffee cup. Since the day our great country appeared in my coffee cup, my blog has enjoyed endless hits, most coming through the loving attention of God's agent, Dovbear.

Buy this cup, and through your simple faith you too will enjoy love, popularity and fantastic weight loss.

Can I get an amen!