Monday, December 20, 2004


David "Trepenwitz" Bogner may wear a gun when he chops liver in his own kitchen (The cow had friends, and they want revenge.) but he's a spokesman for settlers I'd accept.

PsychoToddler's been busted, and now he's sucking up. He should take a lesson from MoChassid. Everyone and their uncle knows MoChassid's secret identity, yet he is uncowed and continues to blog recklessly about his shul and its members. Soon Mo will be directly insulting his neighbors. If I gave out DovBear Achievment Awards (TM) Mo would get three.

Noa popped her Star Wars cherry. And, speaking of the Dark Side of The Force, Chabad is moving west. The rabanit is also feeling the strange, yet compelling lure of black coated men who daven at the wrong time, and speak an imperfect English. I hope this works out. I'm a huge fan of the Hasidim and their ability to make perfectly good Jews feel insecure in their Judaism.

Why can't you trust Chabad slaughter?
They have trouble recognizing it when something is dead.

Life in the Ghetto is ten of the most boring blogs I read. (But I read it.)

Aidel is back; Adam is not. And has anyone seen Burry?

The soccer dad is hip to my idea, and Dilbert has acknowledged me. So did Reb Yudel. Simcha: take note.