Tuesday, August 15, 2006

People who should lose their jobs (post Tamuz War Edition)

Ehud Olmert
Amir Perez
Whoever runs PR for Israel
George Bush
John Bolton

Why Olmert? Because he went to full-scale war much too quickly. Was he trying to avoid being perceived as a wimp? Maybe. But at the end of the day, the kidnapped soldiers haven't been returned and the jihadist threat hasn't been eliminated from southern Lebanon, but meanwhile Israel is left looking weak and blood-thirsty.

Why Perez? Because despite what president mumble mouth says, Israel lost this war. (For once I agree with Bush's right-wing critics) And when you lose a war, the guy in charge must go.

Why the PR Guy? Because 4 weeks ago Israel had the world's support. Even Saudia Arabia and the Arab League were unwilling to criticize Israel. Somehow all of that was squandered.

Why Bush? Because he sat back and let Israel make a mess of things. Hassan Nasrallah is now bigger than bin Ladin on the Arab street, in part because George Bush refused to let his best friends know they were making a serious error.

Why John Bolton? For permitting the UN to pass a cease-fire resolution that essentially rewards Hizballah for attacking provoking this war. I hold him responsible for Israel's capitulation.

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