Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A few thoughts on the security situation


Is it just me?

Yes, it is great that the latest plot was foiled. But it was due to intelligence and not something detected at security. So now, after the cow is out of the barn, the TSA institutes new regulations prohibiting liquid carry-ons.

Sept 11 was attributed to a "Failure of the imagination". Supposedly no-one imagined that suicide hijackers would attempt something like that. That's not really true, but let bygones be bygones. You would think we'd learn our lesson.

The capability of liquid explosives has been around for a long time. An attempt was partly successful many years ago using liquid explosives and resulted in a fatality, I believe somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. A large plot was even foiled several years ago (Manila?). So why does it take a new, luckily failed attempt at destruction, to clamp down? What other security exposures are there just waiting to be exploited.

Disappointed Baal Habos.

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