Tuesday, August 29, 2006


All sorts of delicious DovBear has recently been added to the sidebar We (by which I mean me) think it's exactly the sort of creamy, macaroni and cheese like material you'll find at once comforting and familair. For your convinience, I've put it in the body of this post, as well. Please feel free to click generously.

If there's a post from the past you'd like to see added to this list, by all means tell me. And, if you have a comment about any of what you find below, please put it on this post's thread.


Who is DovBear?
Why blogging matters
The Bronze Medal Post (2005 JIBs)
Posts that might have won I II III IV

DovBear On:
The Parsha
The Pope
The Idiot President
The War on Christmas(TM)
Cross Currents
GOP Jews
Other stuff

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