Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Is It Ok To Shout Yet?


Israel's at war. Yeah, still, in case anyone hadn't noticed. Still. The northern population center is under constant fire, 10% of the population is refugee's, another 10% still under daily fire. Still.

Unity. Standing together. Very imporant. Very very important.

But something's going wrong. As best I can tell, from my comfy armchair, the IDF is making wrong move after wrong move (air war on hardened targets, tiny ground attacks repulsed, seriously under-equiped reservists, targeting Lebanese infrastructure but not missle launchers, northern command mix-up / shake-up, everyone and their mother in the government spouting different political positions multiple times a day, declaring intent to retreat from more holy land while literally under fire from the last 2 retreats).

Missles and rockets are falling every single day. No decrease in volume whatsoever, none. Not from Lebanon, and not from Gaza!

Israel is in serious trouble here in too many ways to mention (but to mention a few, economic impact, infrastructure damage, environmental / forest damage, tourism damaged, business / investment damage). No end in site, nor any end that can work out better than poor. And of course, a madman in Iran fueling the fire with stated intent to genocide.

So do we continue to stand hand in hand and singing Hatikva, or is it time to stand up and declare the emperor has no clothes?

I'm sure
there are plenty on the right who would like to stand up and shout 'we told you so'. That doesn't help much as the rockets are falling on your house. But someone might want to notice that an army that trained, rearmed, and changed it's leadership to focus on non-lethally expelling their citizens from their homes has become somewhat ineffective in fighting the enemy. I wonder why they aren't sending those black-clad Yassam guys with clubs and horses in to Lebanon?

(by Akiva, who's not DovBear.)

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