Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sour grapes

Shorter Bill O'Reilly: "Whah! Why won't those stupid losers let me join their crappy club for jerks?"

Best bits:

The TV Emmy Awards were broadcast a few days ago, and it was the usual — a bunch
of smug, self-satisfied showbiz types parading their liberal views in front of an adoring Los Angeles audience.
This is very different, you understand, from what Bill does all day, everyday, on TV, radio, and in print. Bill never parades his smug, self satisfied views in front of adoring audiences. Ne-vah!
My pal Jon Stewart and his legion of writers think they’re ultra cool and hip because they embrace every left-wing cause that comes down the pike. Yeah, you won, Stewart, but the fix was in. The choir to whom you preach runs the Emmy Award program and every other Hollywood smoochfest. You guys can be funny, but how many Americans want you people standing between them and Iran? Maybe Larry David, but that’s it.
I see. And how many Americans want Bill O’Reilly standing between us and Iran?

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