Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So stupid it drools

...flogging the deadest of dead horses [Instapundit's Glenn] Reynolds has a post totuting an idiotic WaPo story ) which compares death rates of American soldiers in Iraq to the death rate of the American population, and finds that it's only half--apparently it's like a gated suburb! Surely, you say, the Post must have at least taken death rates for the age segment of the population most likely to serve in the military? I'm afraid not--it really does compare the population as a whole to the frequency of much younger soldiers dying in Iraq. An intellectually honest five year-old could see the utter uselessness of the comparison. Reynolds, conversely, crows that "it's hard to look at these numbers and see the catastrophe that the "527 media" are proclaiming."

Have you also noticed that some on the right are doing their best to make Iraq look like less than the debacle it is? Little sick, that. But I'm surprised to see the solidly liberal Post carrying water for them.... unless... is it possible that their really is no monolithic liberal press? Hmmmm.

In any event, public opinion is solidly against the war. Attempting to convey that life in a war zone is no more dangerous than living in a quiet American neighborhood suggests that -wherever their scribblign appear - the idiots are panicking, and running around with their hair on fire.

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