Monday, August 28, 2006


(1) Please note the new index on the right-hand sidebar. Your thought and comments are welcome.

(2) The time has come to vote some of our contributors off the DovBear island. (not permanently; I expect to bring everyone back in the fullness of time.) Again, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

(3) Confidential to Joe: I didn't respond to your comment about the Jewish professors from Texas, not because I had been brought up sharply, as you imagined, but because I thought your remark was mindnumbingly stupid. As Nick said, these professors aren't anti-Semites, nor are they self hating Jews. They are simply expressing an opinion about how to end the violence in the middle-east, an opinion that is, in fact, in vouge among certain left leaning Israelis. I may not agree with each and every one of their prescriptions and suggestions (in fact, I don't), but I appreciate their sentiments and see no malice in their letter and nothing sinister about it.

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