Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SUVs are for weanies

Do you drive an SUV? According to the new Hummer Ad this is proof positive that you're a weak-wristed girly-man with something to hide.

I can't say I'm surprised. It's long been my opinion that a man who lives on a cule-de-sac only purchases a giant car for ego and image purposes. In the suburbs they serve no other purpose.

I feel the same way about tables in shuls, incidently. Though I admit it's comfortable to have a place to rest your books and your bags, the real reason people like tables in their shuls is because when you are sitting at one, surrounded by stacks of books, it's easy to deceive yourself into thinking that you're a scholar in a study hall. I don't own an SUV, but I bet that sitting in the cockpit of those monsters offers a similarly heady experience. In a shul full of tables a yeshiva alum who hasn't read a word of Aramic in 20 years can pretend that he's unmarried, unruined and immersed in the study of torah; behind the wheel of an SUV, its owner can pretend that he's something other than overwight, middle-aged and far less virol then he once was.

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*Probably has tables in his shul

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