Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Charedim Don't Serve In The Army?


A lot has been written and pictures taken of those providing emotional and comfort support to the IDF, with Chabad on the border and at army launching and return points with Mitzvah 'Tanks', Breslov with Simcha Vans, and an interesting report today of a massage school in Tel Aviv that took the student body up for a soldier relaxation tour (ok, the last one isn't charedi).

So it's nice that the ultra-orthodox religious sector is providing morale support services, and of course providing spiritual support. But do they lay it on the line?

IDF Religious Soldier Unit
Nachalat Charedi

The picture is of the Nachalat Charedi ultra-orthodox religious soldier unit, holding a Siyum HaRambam (completion of the learning cycle of Mishne Torah of Maimondes) today, in preparation for their deployment to Lebanon tomorrow.

May Hashem protect all our IDF soldiers in Lebanon, bearded or otherwise.

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