Thursday, August 24, 2006

Service Journalism

During my disapearance, some of you sent me articles you wanted shared with the broader olam. Links follow, with the hat-tips in parenthesis.

1010 WINS: Woman to Lead Upper West Side Synagogue (Amshi) Krum wrote about this while I was away, and though he didn't give his view, here's mine: YAWN. Overall, I think it's swell that some Orthodox Jews are looking for ways to accomodate women who wish to take on larger community roles. I also think it's swell that some Orthodox women have the ability to lead Orthodox congregations. But this "exciting new development" is 50 years behind the times. We have woman doctors, and lawyers and CEOs. Why not a woman Rabbi, too, if you can make it work in a way that won't offend halacha?

And if you don't like it, fine. Having a woman "head of congregation" isn't for everyone, but no one is forcing you to affiliate with Kehilat Orach Eliezer. I keep away from shteebles because I don't like the smell of herring. If you don't like being on the receiving end of a woman's sermon, I advise you to stay clear of KOE. Just don't be like Menken and fall into the trap of denigrating them. Don't say that Kehilat Orach Eliezer is less than Orthodox, so long as they are still shomer kashrus, and shomer shabbos.

Police hit out at FBI over leaks (CA) CA adds: Looks like Bush is trying to divert attention from his failures, even if it hampers successful prosecution of the War on Terrorism. Our British allies are not amushed.

Cops: Rabbinical student 'moons' crowd (CA) "A student of the Rabbinical College of America was arrested for punching a man, trying to steal his car and then "mooning" onlookers." All together now: No TRUE student of the Rabbinical College of America would punch, steal, moon people, etc.

Cross Currents: Is the Democratic Party Going European? (Chardal) I don't read Cross Currents anymore (I couldn't handle the nausea.) But for Chardal I made the effort. This post was unadulterated GOP-propoganda (like most of what CC publishes) that attempts to argue that the Democrats are a bunch of anti-Semites using 5 or 6 annonymous comments which were left on big leftie blogs. This is a little like using the comments on my blog to draw an opinion about the state of Orthodoxy. It's a useful approach only if you have a pre-existing opinion, and no interest in the truth --which is why I am not surprised to see it on Cross Currents.

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