Saturday, August 26, 2006

Meah Shearim: Xenophobes or Privacy Rights?

08-25-Israel-- 129
08-25-Israel-- 125
Meah Shearim, Jerusalem
This Erev Shabbos
by Akiva

Shevua Tov! Several weeks ago, there were a few postings here on DB about a reported 'attack' on tourists or missionaries in Meah Shearim, a UO area of Jerusalem. These poor tourists just stumbled in to the area and were mercilessly attacked by the overzealous closed minded residents. Or, these missionnaries targeted the area, made significant effort to get in to the area, and were forceably asked to leave when handing out missionary material to youth.

The sign at the right reads, in 4 languages, "Entrance for Women Dressed Immodestly, Tourists and Groups STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!! This is a residence area, not a tourist site. Please do not irritate our feelings! - Neighborhood Council"

So, seeing the pictures to the right, do you think residents of an area have a right to set standards within their area? All these people ask is to not be a tourist attraction and for people entering their neighborhood to adhere to not unreasonable standards of dress (say minimum dress standard, 'business casual', though they probably wouldn't use that terminology).

If this was a nudist colony, couldn't they reasonably insist on nudism as a community standard? (Though that might not be a pretty sight.)

Click pictures for larger image. Published from Israel, +10 hours from blog time, this post is Shomer Shabbos.

Update: Two more related pictures for you...

08-27-Israel-- 011 - - 08-27-Israel-- 005
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The last picture was seen in a womens clothing store with women shopkeepers in Geulah, a little more open area than Meah Shearim.

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