Monday, August 28, 2006

On Karben

We read that Ryan Karben, the former Assemblymen, hosted a party for 400 of his nearest and dearest. Yours truly, however, was not included. Nor were we sent the press release announcing Karban's new job

So, in hopes of earning an invitation to the next shindig, I'm doing my part to clear Karben's name by exploring a new, unsubstantiated rumor about the real reason for Karben's departure from the Assembly. His mother, Shelly Karben, is one of the people deeply involved in the Tendler inbroiglio. She was sued by the disgraced Rabbi for interfering with the Rabbi's contracts, and it appears she was part of the group that tried to force the Rabbi out of his pulpit. Shelly Silver, the Orthodox Jewish leader of the NY Assembly, could have backed Karben up in any number of ways when news of Karben's picadiloes became public. But, instead Silver fed Karben to the alligators. The question is: Why?

A DovBear star of achievment for the first person to prove a link between Silver and Tendler.

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