Friday, August 25, 2006


Dr. Mike S. Adams, Ph.D is a moron.

He writes for Clownhall, so perhaps that's a redundancy; still, I'm singling him out for my particular brand of ire, after reading that he, in his wisdom, used the slur "self-hating Jews" to describe some of the 27 faculty members University of Texas at Austin who wrote a very polite letter to Condi Rice urging her to work toward a peace settlement between Israel and its enemies.

"Self-hating Jew" is a terrible insult, and one that should never be thrown around by a non-Jew like Dr. Miks. We don't need non-Jews inserting themselves into our intramural arguments. It's none of their business. Moreover, why is it self-hating to seek peace? Several times each day we call upon He who creates peace in His celestial heights, to create peace for us and for all Israel.

Were the authors of our prayers self-hating Jews, as well?

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