Wednesday, November 23, 2005


YonotanSchreiber, YitzchakAlderstan, Shtreimal, and the HasidicRebel (well, he already was famous) are all mentioned in today's Times*. The story is about Jews and the Internet. I nearly spit out my morning coffee. Money quote:

"People can get connected to each other, and once ideas that are not implanted by the establishment spread, they can explode," said Shtreimel of the Internet, speaking at a Starbuck's on the condition that he and his sect not be named.
Some thoughts:

++ The crack-reporting award of the day must go to Joseph Berger, the sharp-eyed and thorough journalist who tells 10 billion people that "Shtreimel of the Internet" is a "heretic... who does not believe in God, sneaks away to snack on Yom Kippur and sometimes grabs a hamburger that isn't kosher at McDonald's" without noting that (a) Shtreimal went out of business 6 weeks ago and (b) he renounced heresy and re-dedicated himself to Judaism before he left. Well done Joseph Berger!

++ Whoops! It appears Shtreimals well-publicized contrition was a lie! Money quote: "And Shtreimel is not alone in posting his doubts in a public forum ( is his latest address). " Why you sneaky little demon. Ok, Shtreimela, how about an explanation:Why did you pretend to do teshuva, and why isn't that story in the New York Times?

++ The story appears to have been inspired by yesterday's Star-Ledger piece. Good to see media groupthink is alive and well.

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Update: In the print version it says: "The Internet has germinated a small netherworld of Hasidic bloggers, with sites such as HasidicRebel and YoinosonSchreiber, both of which are on" This sentance seems to have been dropped from the online version. Wonder why.