Sunday, November 20, 2005

Uncle Moishy has a question

It appears here.

In brief:
To pursue this train of thought a little further, DB, I think you should conduct a survey (like the "What time did you finish?" survey on RH and YK): Did your shul or school mount any organized effort to collect $ for (or otherwise help) hurricane victims in New Orleans? I suspect the record of the frum community in this regard was poor. (Similarly for Darfur, despite the obvious reminders of the Shoah).
All right, true believers, time to own up: Did your shul raise money or do anything else to aide the victims of Katrina? The Rabbi of my shul denounced New Orleans as a "city of sin," but was careful to say, in both English and Yiddish, that it's pompous and irresponsible and wrong to say that any specific tragedy was the result of any particular sin. The Rabbi of my other shul preached a similar sermon, but made no mention of the French Qaurter. Neither institution passed the hat. (I gave a good sum to the Red Cross on my own.)

What was done in your neck of the woods?