Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Wedding

I should have seen this coming.

I have a child in nursery school again, and once again Chayyei Sarah (the parsha, not the blogger) is being celebrated in the pre-school with a wedding. The wedding of Rivka and Yitzchak, to be exact.

What the teachers do is assign roles, and send out invitations. On Friday, a big bash is held, where our two lovebirds are married, ahistorically, according to the laws on "Moshe and Israel." My daughter is a "sister," and she's been asked to "dress in character." (Because she, in everyday life, is, in fact, a sister this poses no difficulty.)

The highest a member of my family has climbed in the wedding heirarchy is "Uncle." Another time we had a "waiter," which I'm certain was an insult. I am not sure what it takes to actually make it under the chupah, but no doubt it helps to shmear the teacher or to attend Parent-Teacher conference, two things I refuse to do on principle.

Anyway, as with a real wedding, the real meaning of this pageant is lost on some of the particpants. For example, I asked my daughter if she was looking forward to the pageant, and summing all of her two-year old vocabulary she replied: Sdhs0pa dkd Daddeee djaqzx.