Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More on the deceit of Jacob and Rivka

On this post, I purposely stopped short of accusing Jacob and Rivka of any crime. I noted only that they caused Eisav to cry, and for this their children were punished. Nonethless, many of you -careful readers every last one of you- thought it necessary to gnash your teeth and insist that Jacob and Rivka were guiltless of deceit.

There I stopped short of accusing mother and son of any crime. Here, however, I will point out that Yitzchak does not share my caution: "Your brother came deceitfully and took your blessing," says the Patriarch. So much for innocence.

Also, I've updated the original post with additional midrashic material which support the view that Jews suffer because of the tears Eisav shed, and that God remembers when any of his creatures are harmed, and repays the debt.

Something to contemplate, ye mighty right wingers of Israel, as you make ready to drown the Arabs residents of your land in a mighty river of tears.