Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nothing here to see folks. Move along.

Ezzie, like other irresponsible Republican dittoheads, argues today that the president's mistakes should be swept under the carpet:

Personally, I would love for people to recognize that Saddam Hussein was a threat; intelligence that everyone had, including Clinton, pointed to his being a threat; and that the world is a far better place with him removed. Then, everyone should move on and focus on the future.

A threat? In what sense was he a threat? He had no weapons. He had no relationship with Al Queda. He had no connection to 9/11. He had no means of attacking us, or anyone else. So, please, exactly how was he a threat?

And much as sweet Ezzie might like us to look the other way, and move on, we can't -and by God we won't -until some questions are answered.

Specifically, we demand a responsible investigation of the everchanging rationales the White House provided for attacking Iraq, along with an honest look at the pumped-full-of-steroids "intelligance" that somehow convinced us all the Saddam was a loaded gun.

It's obvious the administration screwed up -Bush, as much as admits it. We need to find out how - and why.