Monday, November 07, 2005

Jews who love Chirstmas: The Sequel

We've just reached Election Day, but already the Jews-4-Christmas are making themselves heard. Here's Rabbi Aryeh Spero:

Somehow Christmas seemed darker last year, bereft of its usual radiance. Like a heroic soldier, it was left alone to fend off a platoon of barrages against it. Shots came from many quarters – all contesting the placement of Christmas symbols in public areas.

Poor, poor Christmas -- left alone even to fight the liberals all by its little self. I guess Even Bill "War on Christmas" O'Reilly went scampering off when the shooting started - or maybe he was distracted by some falafel. Such a big talker, that Bill.

But, let me see if I have this straight: The Jews were able to maintain the sanctity of Yom Kippur and half-a-dozen other holidays in Europe, where there was organized oppressions and persecution, yet in America, where Christians own the Presidency and the Congress, they can't keep Christmas holy - can't mantain it's usual radience - and they have the unmitigated gal to blame their failure on the less than 20 percent of Americans who don't self-identify as Christians? What chutzpah.

Anyway, back to the Rabbi:

No protests came, however, from Orthodox Jews, nor those who, while not Orthodox, remain traditionally-valued.

Liar. I protested. And you can damn well bet I'll be making myself heard again this winter, if snivling fools like yourself refuse to tell the truth about Chirstmas, ie that it glorifies not just a lie, but a lie that was used to justify the decimation of your people.

The rest of the Rabbi's sermon is the usual mess of bad arguments and bad history. He trots out the old lies about American being a Christian country, founded by loving protestants who wish to honor and respect Jews - not because they see as sacrificial pawns in their rapture fantasies - but because of a "personal bond" with the Jewish people. Ye Gods. Why don't these Orthodox Jewish Christmas-lovers just convert and spare us the continued embaressment of their existance.

Side question: Could someone from the Conservative wing of our little blog party explain to me why the same Jews who go on and on about absolute truth are now urging Jews to tolerate - and even enjoy - Christmas? Do absolute values matter? Does morality matter? Is it worth fighting about? If so, why are so many conservative columnists urging us to be tolerant and sensitive toward Christmas? Have they all gone PC? If Chrstianity is false, it is immoral and it offends God every bit as much as a late term-abortion.You can't tolerate one, and abhor the other and call yourself moraly consistant.