Friday, November 11, 2005

Ready to move on....


A schism has developed among the online community of heretics now that their high priest has retired. The majority believe S is the annointed succesor, citing the words of the prophet as he climbed his Nebo:

But I think my natural heirs are S primarily, followed closely by [three others]

However, a small, but growing minority insists that S is not worthy, pointing out that his blog, On the Main Line, appears on Hirhurim's blogroll. Gil, propreiter at Hirhurim, famously refuses to blogroll anyone who might offend his readers. If S is too vanilla to disturb Hirhurim's audience, can he possibly be The Heir?

A quick rundown of the other candidates:

RebelJew: My choice, and though I sprinkled holy water on his head a few posts ago, the faithful have yet to flock to his feet.

LamedZayim: A dark horse favorite. I'm not too familiar with his work, but until he makes me laugh, I'm won't be convinced he can carry the Godol's mantle.

Gil Smart enough and popular enough and, like the golden age GH, certainly a great enough friend of this blog. But in many important ways, the GH succeeded Hirhurim as a gathering point for Jewish smarty-pants. There can be no going back.

Krum We like Krum. The only bad think I can think to say about him is that his blog, with its white on green color scheme, is illegible. (As anyone who's been with me from the begining knowns my own blog used that scheme for the first 9 weeks of it's existance, so even that little critisim is half-hearted.)

Amshinover Though Amshi is rude enough, and quite possibly smart enough, he fails the heretic test. Also, Amshi frequently displays an unattractive sympathy for Hasidim. GH 1.0 would not have tolerated this.

Elf: Can a woman be the chosen one? Though the real GH was famously mysoginistic, I'd support Elf's candidacy - notwithstanding her superlative X chromosone - were it not for one thing: Elf is straight-up about being less than Orthodox; the real GH preferred a Trojan Horse approach.

More later, likely in the comments....