Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Comment mining

Some thoughts from recent threads that deserve a wider audience:

Can God create a rock He can't lift?
Chaim: DB, I understood what you were saying and I was responding. Sickness is an imperfection by definition, so it is not an imperfection of God to say "God cannot get sick". That doesn't seem to be the case here by prayers. This all goes back to the old can God create a stone He can't lift stuff.

Chaim, it is the case "by" prayers, because if God changes his mind it suggests he is imperfect, just as certainly as sickness would suggest imperfection. Also, God can't create a rock that he can't lift, because the rock that he can't lift does not exist. Again, he can't be limited, which means a rock that might limit him (ie is too heavy to lift) is impossible.

Lincoln Shmilcon
Nephtuli: Under the watch of our best Presidents, millions of Americans died.

Lincoln and FDR were great presidents not because many Americans died, but despite this.

(I am of a mixed opinion on Lincoln. I've always thought he should have either (a) let the South go; or (b) made it clear from the begining that slavery was henceforth intolerable and used the law, and not the army, to impose the new morality.)

Who runs Hollywood?
Jameel Rashid: Its sad the way Hollywood stereotypes US Jews...and then its self perpertuating. One of the big complaints I hear from Arabs is that Western corrupt culture all comes from the sick Jews in Hollywood. They do have a point.

Catholics say the same thing:

One prominent Catholic even suggested that Hollywood is controlled by "anal sex loving Jews"

And they do not have a point.

Heshy lives?
Moron ben Moron: Ahhh, yet another well-reasoned, thought-out post. Thanks Dovy

If you expect every post I publish to be "well thought out" you aren't going to enjoy the blog very much. Sorry, but you don't seem to understand what we do here.