Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ezzie vs. Akiva

Ezzie, a fine friend of the blog, despite being an illiterate and drooling Conservative buffoon, writes:

Gil doesn't like Christmas trees being called holiday trees. Neither do I. DovBear likes it, and doesn't understand why others find it disingenuous.

Meanwhile, Akiva, another excellent friend and firm supporter of my poorly concealed plans to rule the world writes:

Hirhurim and Dovbear agree, calling the Holiday Season the holiday season and holiday tree's holiday trees is bad for the Jews. How odd (that they agree!)

So who is right? Akiva, obviously (though he is wrong to suggest that Gil and I often disagree. We are on the same page most of the time.)

I like the fact that renaming the trees and the season is a stick in the eye of loudmouth xtians; but I don't like that well-meaning xtians are condecending to fold chanuka into their holiday.

Also, I hate the fact that everyone - Gil and Exxie included - seem to think it's the Jews (and not the well-meaning xtians) who are behind the movement to rename the season and the trees.