Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Of Course You Realize This Means War!

As part of it's coverage of the very warm reception Hillary Clinton received this week in Israel, the New York Times gives my competition a favorable public mention:
As she visited the Western Wall on Monday morning, she was showered with candy from nearby children, serenaded by the sound of a shofar, and cheered by many onlookers. "It really makes up for her kissing Suha Arafat," said David Abitbol, 41, with a laugh. He is a Web designer who moved to Jerusalem from Park Slope, Brooklyn, and who watched the scene while wearing a baseball cap that said "Jewlicious." "No, it's nice of her to visit."
Jewlicious? Jewlicious? After all I've done to rehabilitate the Times image among devout Jews, they go and drop the name Jewlicious into their Hillary Clinton reporting? This is my thanks for being the only Orthodox Jewish blogger with anything nice to say about Punch's paper? For being the only Orthodox Jewish blogger who won't uncritically republish the anti-Times mewls of Camera and Dis-Honest-Reporting? Couldn't NYT have quoted a Hasid on the plaza named DovBear? There had to have been at least one.

My mock outrage over this imagined slight knows no bounds.