Thursday, November 17, 2005

The GH is really gone

For the first time in many months, is not one of the top 5 referrers to this blog. According to the statcounters, GH was good for as many as 200 hits per week (and when I say hits, I mean hits, not page views which is how he and other insecure people use the word.) Now, with his retirement entering its second week, GH has fallen down into the lower ranks, where lesser blogs like SerandEz dwell. Oh well. (Note to self: Must cultivate love/hate relationship with some other mega-blogger. Ratings depend on it. Explore possibility of DovBear/Daily Kos dust-up. )

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't characterize my relationship with GH as love/hate. Sure, we exchanged some nasty remarks (Don't miss these: 1 and 2!!) But of all the many accolades, tributes and honors DovBear has received, being listed as the very first of GH's Daily Blogs was the one I liked second-best (Best was when I was called a "low-life pig" by some yokel from Yehupitz who called himself a Rabbi; third is all those clever asides I get from the RenReb.) And my most-favorite blogging moments remain the fantastic Friday shmoozefests GH, Amshi, SuraMalka, OM, Zoo, Shifra, Shanna, Jack, Krum, Wolf, Eliyahu, and others conducted in my comment sections.

Without GH, blogging just isn't the same.