Thursday, March 03, 2005

Which Doesn't Belong and Why

Ok, true believers, time for another round of our Bernie McGurk's favorite game:

Which doesn't belong and why?!

a) The blogger called Godol Hador
b) Al Leiter
c) Natalie Portman

Did you guess the (a) Godol Hador, because, unlike the other two, he has no money? Sorry! That is wrong.

Did you guess (b) Al Leiter, because, unlike the other two, Al Leiter is an XY who can throw a baseball with authority? Sorry! Wrong again!

Did you guess (c) Natalie Portman, because, unlike the other two, Natalie Portman is easy on the eyes? Sorry! Strike Three!

The correct answer is (b) Al Leiter.

Though all three were driven out of town, so to speak, by loud-mouthed, opinionated bozos, Natalie (who fled from the Kotel) and GH (who euthanized the Koton and dumbed down his own blog) were beaten into submission by Jews.

Al Leiter says it was WFAN's Mike Francesa and Chris Russo who "had a lot to do with running him out of town."

Mike and Chris are loud-mouthed, opinionated bozos but they are not Jews. Still, I bet even they could drive GH out of town. To paraphrase something Dave Barry said about Neville Chamberlain, "You could put the Godol Hador's head in the toilet and he'd still give you Poland."

PS: FWIW he started